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A Prompt

Things have been insanely busy around here for a few weeks. Saturday will be the culmination of Stage One of a new business venture/lifestyle change. Details about the weekend on Starting Over Designs, more details here as I figure out who I want to be when I grow up. IF I decide to grow up 🙂

In the meantime, The Daily Post put up an excellent prompt today that I feel compelled to participate in after a very late night with Joel Salatin’s You Can Farm.

Handmade Tales

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

So many things are so much better when done by hand that I don’t know quite where to start, so this list might get long.

I love to bake bread but haven’t yet tried to figure out the trailer oven for anything more complicated than quiche and now it’s way too hot to even consider! Baking bread or rolls using your own blend of flours for that perfect Toasting Texture is an art everyone should try to master. Home-made pizza with sauce and crust made from scratch is a detectible feast!

I saw a young couple at a craft show back in March who were selling custom moccasin shoes. Having a pair of shoes built just for me was an intriguing proposition and I had them make a duct tape cast of my foot for a future order, which I placed in May. The more I looked at their pictures and dreamed of my custom shoes, the more I became enamored of the idea of doing it myself. A bit of research led me to Bonney & Wills, the school where Dustin learned to make his mocs. If I can swing the funds, I want to take this class in the Fall when work slows down and I can take a week off from my current busy life.*

I much prefer spinning my own wool into yarn and knitting my creations to buying yarn, even locally sourced yarns – the satisfaction of taking a project from raw material to finished product is amazing! I understand that local farms need support, so I buy my raw materials from them and am planning a project that will support my local wool processing facility. You’re going to be hearing a lot more about these projects in the near future as I expose my Green Side…

I’m going to add transportation to the end of my list because walking or biking anywhere is preferable to driving during the heat of Summer. My little town is flat as a board and I don’t have AC in the car. I should be walking more, but the heat has been incredible, making sidewalk and pavement too hot for Sabu’s feet. Neither of us is as tough as we used to be 🙂

Stay tuned for more Crazy Stuff that I’ll be making by hand with a little bit of help from my friends.

Check out the Daily Post for more great prompts!

* I took a pair of riding boots to the shoe repair guy a couple of weeks ago to get new heels put on – I hadn’t worn the boots much, and the foot was fine, but the heels were worn down to the wood, something that has never happened so fast for me in the past. While talking to the guy, he lamented the fact that shoe manufacturers are using crap for soles, whatever is cheapest, because people throw their shoes away instead of having them repaired. He brought a boot out from under the counter that had the sole falling apart and said that European shoes have a life expectancy of 5-7 years from the date of manufacture because they are using materials that biodegrade after that time to save room in their rapidly-filling landfill sites. These brands include two of my favorites, Clarks and Dansko. Grrr! I keep my shoes much longer than 5-7 years (it helps that I tend to favor Classic styles over the flavor-of-the-week in fashion) and that really pisses me off. I take my shoes to be repaired and now that I know I shouldn’t expect much life out of my second-hand, snazzy, European shoes, I feel cheated.


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