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We’re gonna take this here blog in a different direction for awhile to see if I can find my Blogging Mojo again.

Presenting our new feature – Ranting at Random! Drum roll, please…

We all know we should be using fewer one-use things, right? Nevermind Lord Dampnut is now going full-tilt, batshit crazy for more oil consumption – let’s stay on track to not destroy our planet before our grandkids are grown, ‘K?

We take our re-usable grocery bags on our weekly shopping trips. Some of us even use cloth produce bags.

We buy foods in bulk to avoid having to take home and dispose of extra packaging.

We take re-fillable cups to fill with our daily indulgence at the Coffee Shop – they keep our drinks colder/hotter, too, so why doesn’t everyone do this?

We put pretty much everything you can imagine into Mason jars.

We women use Diva Cups, which can last a woman’s whole menstrual life, BTW, saving (literally) thousands of dollars. Sorry, guys, no multi-use condoms yet 😉

Etcetera, etc…

I have no problem with using less, re-using more, having less garbage, less Stuff, less stress, but the constant need to give things cutesy names is driving me NUTS!

Take “un-paper towels,” for instance. Here’s a random Google Image pic –


There are little snaps on each one so they all hook together into a “roll” just like your actual paper towels. There are a million tutorials online if that’s your thing. I mean, it’s cute, yes, but what a bother! You know they don’t stand up nice and neat like that, and winding them on after washing would drive me nuts. Also, they’re crazy expensive to buy!

I remember this sort of thing from when I was a kid. We called them “kitchen rags,” (as opposed to “rag rags,” which were used for dirtier jobs,) and they lived in the third drawer down from the silverware drawer in the kitchen. Or maybe it was the bottom drawer…anyway.

We seldom used paper towels because they were (and are) expensive and they just don’t get the job done like a wet rag and some elbow grease*. Except cleaning up poo or puke – paper towels all the way for that kind of mess and straight into a plastic grocery bag, cinched tight and carried immediately out to the big garbage can outside. Yech!

There’s also un-plastic wrap made from fabric coated with beeswax. WTF? People are all about getting rid of plastic lids on their glass bowls and using this un-plastic wrap that can’t be washed by any conventional means and just doesn’t do the job they claim it does. It ain’t cheap, either.

You know what works perfectly, costs nothing and is easy to get clean? Behold –

stacked bowl-plate

That’s right! Quite often, those plates you never use (you know the ones – they’re smaller than a dinner plate and too big for a tea cup? Yeah, those) will stack neatly on top of the bowls in the set. You can stack them, like the pic above, and put them directly into the fridge to eat later. Zero waste, zero cost, and no un-naming required.

Just stop with the stupid, cutesy names for the love of all that’s holy!

*One time when I was about 9 and my Sis about 7, Mom told Sis to “use some elbow grease” when cleaning something, I don’t remember what, but we were in the kitchen. “Is it under the sink?” Sis asked. I cracked up! It was sooooo funny to me that Sis didn’t know what elbow grease was! I felt so grown-up. Until Mom glared at me – I don’t remember what she said, but I felt terrible that I’d made fun of my little Sis and made her cry over something so stupid. Funny the things we remember…


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Is it foolish to assume people mean what they say?

Time for another Catch Up post, but there’s a lot to say, so there will be some follow-up posts later.

First, I broke it off with Roman. While he’s a great man and has many of the qualities that scream Perfect Mate to me, we had some incompatibilities I could no longer overlook. I was really hoping he was mature enough to see and understand my desire to no longer be his girlfriend but still remain friends. Alas, I was disappointed. Again. I don’t know how much y’all are interested in my ramblings, so I’ll write what is most important and let you ask questions in the comments, ‘k?

Let’s begin.

The first 8 months were amazing! Because of my past with abusive relationships (and his, as well) I was cautious. I started difficult conversations, brought up all the “unspoken agreement” bullshit people take for granted that later ends up being all in their own head and not at all what their potential mate had in mind. I wanted to be sure the man standing before me was actually who he said he was before making any sort of commitment.

We appeared to share the same views on a wide range of important things and I was hopeful. We discussed Open Relationships and what that might look like very early on. We both were in favor. Neither one of us believed one person should be another’s Everything unless both parties agreed. I told him I was sick and fucking tired of becoming a man’s sex slave the moment we agreed to become exclusive. I said it more than once. I told him it was a Deal Breaker to treat me like a whore and expect me to just swallow that shit sandwich and be quiet about it. I was very clear, using words that I spoke out loud from my mouth into his ear holes. He appeared to be listening.

And then one day, he admitted he was seeing and having sex with another woman.

Wait, I better explain my experience on this particular subject:

I was taught from a very young age that girls date only one boy at a time. To do otherwise made you a slut and no man would ever want to marry you. I was indoctrinated with the classic Fairy Tale beliefs – my knight would come, he would be damaged but the sheer force of my love would make him whole again and we would live Happily Ever After once he realized his full potential. I know, right? How many of you were raised to believe the same? Don’t lie, now – it’s everywhere.

Since we were not committed, I didn’t mind. At all. Really. BUT I was not seeing anyone else because Dudes are possessive and most of them have a OPP (One Penis Policy), which means they’re totally fine with the woman in their life dating other women (hey, can I watch? is a popular refrain) but they are not “allowed” to date another person who has a penis. No matter what. It’s like once their penis has been inside a woman, that woman becomes their possession. For life. I don’t understand the entitlement behind that belief, but there ya go – it’s pervasive and every man I’ve ever had a relationship with has felt the same way. Granted, I haven’t had that many relationships, but every single one of the men I’ve known, has made his belief very clear. Of course, many of them cheated on me, proving the double standard, but that’s neither here nor there.

Shit, this is gonna get long…apologies…

I’ll skip a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have much bearing on this post for the sake of your poor eyeballs, reading and reading, and reading.

So I went out with another man. Had sex with him. It was good. Neither of us was looking for anything official, just a good time with a pleasant companion. I did not tell Roman I was going out with someone else until after the fact (and the dozen bullshit texts demanding to know where I was) and he lost his shit. When I pointed out that he didn’t inform me before he went out with another woman, why should I have to tell him where I am every minute? We lived 45 minutes away from each other, FFS! I didn’t demand he account for every minute we were apart and I resented his assumption that I would keep him informed. Nuh-uh. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, dammit!

So, he begged me to tell him what I was doing, so he could think about it and wrap his head around it.

“What’s to think about?” I asked. “You’re trying to hold me to a double standard and I won’t have it.”

He badgered and pleaded and whined until I gave in and told him I would be seeing the Other Guy again. Then Roman had the nerve to impose a bunch of “rules” on my time with OG. He said he needed me to grant him some concessions so he wouldn’t feel like I was leaving him. I sighed. I did my best, but his conditions proved impossible to follow. I’ll admit I should have told him no. I probably should have ended it right there – jealousy is an ugly emotion and he had no right to meddle in my relationship with another person. Remember we hadn’t agreed to be exclusive and he was seeing someone else.

After the second date with OG, Roman begged me to be exclusive, “just for a couple of months” so he could process his emotions and move forward. He was sincere, or so I thought. I agreed we could be exclusive “for a couple of months” because I thought he would open his eyes and understand he was forcing me into a Double Standard that I was not going to accept. Up ’til then, you would have sworn he was a feminist and believed in equality. He said he understood people (him) could have relationships with more than one person, but he really didn’t like me doing it. HE felt threatened, therefore I had to change my behavior. Another classic double standard.

That weekend was good. Roman seemed relieved to not have to think about me out with another man. He was affectionate and we had (more) amazing sex. I drove home feeling content, thinking ahead to the day we would open our relationship again – he just needed some time to catch up to me emotionally, I told myself. I relied on the words he said to me, out loud, to be the truth.

I went down to see him the following weekend and got a nasty surprise. Well, it wasn’t something I’d never experienced before, but I was shocked that Roman would suddenly turn into every man I’ve ever had an extended relationship with – he stopped all foreplay. ALL FOREPLAY. No more kissing on the couch, holding hands, stolen caresses walking around town, nothing. Oh, he got sex, alright – I figured I “owed” him some extra affection after the previous weekend when he’d been so upset. Right? Tell me you’ve never done that. If you’re a woman, you’ve done that – given the man a quickie because you knew it would improve his mood and if you didn’t he’d turn into a whiney-baby and make your life miserable.

“Okay,” I thought, “he’s obviously going thru some stuff so I won’t be demanding. We’ll be fine.”

Nope. It took almost 18 months to sort out what it was about – turns out he uses Great Sex to get what he really wants, which is intimacy. Once I agreed to be exclusive, “love & affection” were supposed to be the most important things in our relationship. Of course, he never told me that, just started treating me like a blow-up sex doll – he still got his orgasms, but I got nothing. Actually, less than nothing because he started waking me up in the wee hours of the morning for a quickie and that’s all that was on offer. Yes, I did initiate, and on 7 occasions over the next 20 months I got a “cookie” and he acted like I should kiss his feet afterwards. Whores get paid, ya know?

I did not bring up my unhappiness in the moment, but I did take note of the sequence of events. A couple of weeks after our agreement, a series of Stressful Things happened in his life and I felt it was my duty to be there for him and not bitch about the lack of partnership in bed – kinda felt like it would be kicking him when he’s down, right? So I did what countless women do – I gritted my teeth and got on with it, hoping when the drama was over we could go back to what we had.

Nope. He said one day, “I finally feel healthy! Like my life is going well.”

Great! It’s my turn now, right? I let it all out – told him of my resentment that I became a sex toy less than a week after we agreed to be exclusive, that I felt like I wasn’t even in the room when he was getting his rocks off, that I could be anybody or nobody at all, that this was not what I signed up for and I wasn’t happy. I gave examples. I offered potential solutions. He swore he didn’t think of me as a sex toy, that I was important to him, that he was sorry and would do better in future.

Wonderful, right? Except he did nothing. I knew I’d upset him, but I’d tried to be diplomatic, apologized for waiting so long to tell him (but also told him he had enough to worry about, which is why it took so long for me to speak up) used language that was not generally considered a Boner Killer* and tried my best to keep my frustration from showing.

He did nothing. By the time I was finished talking, he’d just shut down. Everything went on as before, not even a hint that we’d ever had a conversation, so after 2-3 months, I brought it up again. He told me my conversational style was hurtful and I should work on that. Everything went on as before, so after another 2-3 months, I brought it up yet again. More excuses, more denials, more apologies while telling me I needed to work on myself.

Okie-dokie! I’d been here before, but this time there would be no backing down. I brought it up one more time, after checking the calendar to confirm I’d first broached the subject a fucking year earlier. That’s right, I’d given him a whole year to make it right, and now felt I’d wasted that year. Sure, we had fun, but I felt we were nothing more than friends, except he got to fuck me a couple of times a week. I was still waiting for the light bulb to go on inside his head, and I was obviously waiting in vain.

I brushed aside his argument about how he “doesn’t like change” by pointing out I wasn’t asking for anything that wasn’t freely given for eight solid months, I wasn’t asking for any special treatment, I just wanted to be in the room when he fucked me. He was offended. He was hurt. The more he stammered around in circles, the more angry I got.

I spent one last weekend at his place. I told him sex was off the table. He gave me a condescending look and said, “you know, I thought about not having sex with you for awhile, to see if it would snap you out of this mood…” and I almost punched him in the face. That was it for me.

I went home, too angry to speak. He came over the following Tuesday, as was his usual habit and I told him, “I don’t want to be your girlfriend any more.”

He was stunned! Shocked! Confused! Horrified I’d invited him over just to break up with him! I had blindsided him! He left in a hurry but started texting me later. He just couldn’t get over how this happened! It was out of the blue! You can bet I saw red when I texted back:

“How can you possibly be confused? I’ve been telling you I’m unhappy FOR A FUCKING YEAR!”

More back and forth, him asking how I can just “give up all this” at the snap of my fingers and more bullshit along the same lines. I said we could be friends. He said it was too “painful” to be friends with me if I “wouldn’t have him.” WTF-ever. I’m good enough to fuck, so long as it’s only him who gets that privilege, but access to my body on demand is the price of his friendship? Oh, fuck no!

AND THEN, he started looking at all of my profiles online and found one that listed me as single. He tried to make an issue of it, because, of course, if I didn’t want to be with HIM, it meant (obviously) I had someone else, because, as we all know, a woman’s Default Setting is “Fucking Someone” so he’d be totally off the hook for my “sullen mood,” right?

Oh, hell no! If he’d been in the room with me he would have seen my head explode through the cloud of smoke rising off his burning flesh as my eyes seared all the meat from his bones. Fuck that. I told him our breakup was totally his doing – I had already explained my reasons, and if he was determined to find some fantasy reason to salve his ego he was welcome to it – I was done with him and all men! Finito!

There was the usual exchanging of the things and he behaved badly, cementing my decision for the break-up – if a man can’t treat me like a living, breathing human being ALL THE TIME, including in the sack, well, I’m outta there!

Here’s the deal for me – one of the perks of being in a relationship is good sex on the regular with someone you care for and who cares for you, who knows your body and is concerned that everyone has a good time, right? Men take this for granted – of course he’s gonna get laid, or he’ll go elsewhere. As women, we’re taught that if your man strays it’s because you didn’t satisfy him at home. Women, on the other hand, are just supposed to take what’s given and don’t complain or he’ll leave. Right? Fuck that! I refuse to be in a sexless relationship where I’m expected to meet all of his needs while ignoring or denying my own. I’ve spent 35 fucking years practicing serial monogamy, subjugating MY needs for his. Over and over and over. I finally came to the realization that it doesn’t work for me. In each and every case, the relationship was great, and then I agreed to be monogamous (even though I’d been dating only one man at a time because dudes are squinchy about it) that was the end of satisfying, two-way sex until I finally got fed up and left. Or caught them cheating. Or doing enormous quantities of drugs. Maybe that last part is just my personal experience.

I know he was following my blog (that whole Honesty Thing again – I told him about the blog early on so he wouldn’t freak out about it) and if you’re reading here, Roman, don’t contact me. That little text you sent about the Hulu not working and being almost out of soap? Yeah, I deleted that – I don’t share streaming services or my handmade soap with people who aren’t my friends. Tell “Vickie” to pay for her own fucking Hulu. Lose my number, ‘k? Thx.

So there you have it.

Wait. I am dating, but you can bet I won’t be dating anyone exclusively, no matter what they say about being a feminist and equal rights and “it’s kinda hot to think of you with another man…” It’s all bullshit and I won’t be eating that sandwich again.

More updates to follow, hopefully with a bit less navel gazing, although if you can’t bitch about your own life on your own blog, what are they even for?

*Just an aside – why the fuck are women in charge of men’s erections? It’s our fault when they get them, it’s our fault when they don’t, we’re expected to just fall on it whenever we see it, and squeal with glee at our good luck and on and on. Do read that link up there for the discussion we all should be having.


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Music on Thursday

Regularly scheduled blogging will continue soon…

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Good news and stuff we already know

The good news is that the asshole who owned the trailer park died on Sunday. I’ve written about him here before. I know we’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but I will shout from the rooftops that man was an asshole of the largest and most vile variety and I hope he roasts in hell for all eternity. Now to get the “management team” out of there. Alice’s kids are in the picture now and hopefully Something Will Be Done. I have made myself available if anyone wants to hear some of the shit that went down before I left the trailer park.

And here’s something we already know but bears repeating until people wise up and rise up and put a stop to it –

From Shakesville:

America Hates Honest Women

I read something recently that has stayed with me: Half of all people are below average. Let that sink in. I’m not talking about money, or fame, or good looks here, I’m talking about intelligence and the desire to learn more, to be better people, to improve the lives of everyone around them, thereby lifting up ALL of society.

I see it every day and it continues to infuriate me.

Will I see a change in my lifetime, or will lord dampnut and his minions succeed in turning back the clocks on equal rights for everyone, including women and people of color?

I fully expect to be burned at the stake for some petty “crime” against men, figuratively speaking, although I can’t rule out actual flames if things continue to go as they are.

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What If?

Karma and gravity are the same thing?

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More idiocy from The Kid

My Kid has been having some…interesting…luck lately.

First, his little trick bike was stolen from work, right in front of him – he wasn’t able to get outside quickly enough to prevent the theft, so he had to watch as a dude ran off with his only mode of transportation.

Honestly, I was glad to see it go as he looked like a tweaker who had lost his license when he rode it. He’d left it outside at home multiple times, but this was the final straw and it was gone, despite a good lock and chain.

So he bought a beater mountain bike off Craigslist for $60 last month. It ran, but most of the paint was gone and it looked like shit. He left it outside on several occasions and it was never stolen. I was thinking, “Wow! We live in a good neighborhood, don’t we?”

Last Monday, his day off, he was returning home with some groceries and was hit by a car a couple of blocks from home. He was fine, but the bike was trashed – bent up front wheel and the left pedal was crushed beyond all use.

The cops were called, fault was found to be with the driver (who, according to The Kid, “peeled out without looking”) info was exchanged and off he went home.

A couple of hours later, the guy in the car shows up with a brand new bike!

Wow! Faith in humanity restored!

The Kid was understandably enamored with his new ride and vowed to be extra careful. He rode it to work with no issues all week.

And then he went over to a friend’s house for a “gaming party,” and left it sitting outside the closed garage door for some unspecified amount of time when he returned home. Had he been drinking? He won’t admit it, but he did say that he walked the bike home, instead of riding it, so odds are he was sloshed.

You can see where this is going, right? Yeah, his brand new bike was stolen.

He has no one to blame but himself, as he freely admits, but how many more times does this sort of thing have to happen before he wises up and takes more responsibility for his things? How many bikes has he lost to thieves? I think the count stands at three whole bikes and assorted parts off bikes that had removable accessories.

So now he’s on Foot Patrol unless he wants to fix up a spare bike I picked up for almost nothing last Summer to keep as a spare. Idiot doesn’t even have bus fare at the moment.

Sigh. I always thought I’d be living the Empty Nest dream by now, but, at 28, my son shows no signs of growing the fuck up any time soon.



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What the actual f*ck?

I try to stay off Facebook as much as possible these days. I don’t watch a lot of news on TV. I try not to read the newspaper in the break room at work. I listen to a radio channel that doesn’t have regular news reports.

I do all this in an effort to manage my anger.

While it’s true I’ve spent the past 8 or so years in a near-constant state of irritation, the latter half of 2016 and all of 2017 have my mad-meter pegged pretty much every waking moment.

I mean, when

Kneeling Black Athlete = OMG! He’s disrespecting the flag and the troops! and is vilified by POTUS


Rich White Pedophile = the next senator from Alabama and publicly endorsed by POTUS

the world has obviously gone batshit insane, right? Right?

I just can’t even. Each new horror, each new unhinged tweet, every word out of that stupid Huckabee woman’s mouth, every childish temper tantrum, every safety net taken away from the most vulnerable, every water source polluted, every ally turned against us, every shady bill passed in the dead of night, every executive order, proudly displayed like children’s refrigerator art, every goddamned #metoo that’s met with shock and surprise by pretty much every man alive, it all makes me so angry and sad and frustrated.

There are so many others writing so many words that I just can’t choke out in coherent order, so I’ve been silent here. There’s nothing more I can do but watch the world burn as the Rich White Dudes scramble to scoop up all the money they can before the peasants finally get a clue and start setting things on fire.

Meanwhile, as if this fucking “happy” season wasn’t already tacky enough, there’s this:


Not even gonna add a link because WTF? Evidently this is all over Instagram. Who thought this was a good idea?

Going back to my cave now…

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This. THIS.

Emotional labor is unseen. It’s the energy women spend managing other’s feelings and emotions, making people comfortable, or living up to society’s expectations… the barrage of expectations we feel from the time we’re told to be nice and polite while boys are told not to cry. It’s a thing. It’s also a weight carried by […]

via Dear Men, This Is Why We’re Tired — Drifting Through


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We are not yours…

I was reading a post on Quora recently. The question was posted: Who is the most reviled group throughout history? The response I read talked about the horrible things done to the Jews, and that’s a Big Deal, but so far no one has answered with “women” and that is sad and depressing. This post says what I would like to say if only I had the words…

A guy walks up to a girl in a bar. She’s laughing with her friends, engrossed in conversation. He slides in next to her to introduce himself. Offers her a drink. I’m just here to hang with my friends she says more than once. He proceeds to ask her “get to know you” questions, ignores […]

via Women Are Not Here For You. You Do Not Own Us. — Drifting Through


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Springtime Busy


We’ve all finally settled into the new house and Spring projects are underway, hence the silence here. This is not a typical update for this here blog, but I hope you’ll bear with me until the next Rant refuses to be shouted down by the more logical part of my brain. This type of stuff can usually be found over at my fiber blog, Starting Over Designs.

Duchess has adjusted to her new home but still loathes the dog and bullies Mr. Big every time he tries to take liberties with her. She’s developed a little belly from the steady diet of good food and now controls the whole house whenever That Damned Dog isn’t around. If only she would cuddle with Mr. Big everyone would be happy.

The Kid finally got a job! He starts late next week or early the next working in a brand new Thai Fusion restaurant in Eugene. He’s thrilled to finally have a direction and I’m thrilled that I might finally be able to have some peace and solitude on the rare occasion I’m actually home and able to relax.

Soapapalooza 2017 is underway! The Sweatshop Girls have a table at a new wool processing mill in Halsey and we need more Spring/Summer items to keep it stocked so the Sweatshop is in full production, mixing up our secret soap formulas as fast as we can. The house smells like a French bordello, but we can’t complain when everything is running so smoothly. I, of course, am using the Royal “We” in this case, as the other Sweatshop Girls are elbow deep with their own projects, but we’ll get together soon for a Dye Day if we can ever sync up our schedules.

In addition to the soap making, I’ve been sewing up Bowl Buddies, which kinda defy description until you use one and then you wonder how you ever lived without them. The darned things sell almost as fast as I can make them, so I don’t have a picture for you today, but I’ll update after I sew up the next batch. They’re all over the internet and I first saw them at a craft show, but never dreamed I’d ever waste my time on something so silly, yet here we are, about 100 sold and still in demand.

What they are is a square potholder with a cupped middle – you put your leftovers into a bowl, the bowl into the Bowl Buddy, the whole shebang into the microwave for re-heating and when you take the bowl out of the microwave you don’t burn yourself. Works great for cold stuff, too. I even sewed up a few for Awana in the shape of the trays her favorite microwave meals come in.

I know, right? I was fine using a dish towel for years! Who needs another Thing to Wash? Well, I’m here to tell you these things are amazing and I use them all the time. There are a lot of them out there, and many of them are crap – made in huge numbers with cheap materials and poor workmanship, all thin and saggy. Now, I don’t want to talk down about other crafters, but some of the shit I’ve seen at the craft shows just boggles the mind! How will Mr, and Mrs Average Citizen ever develop respect for handcrafts when much of what they see is complete and utter garbage? Gives us all a bad name and that makes me mad.

Nope. Not gonna rant about that today.

Sabu is loving her fenced yard, gleefully barking at everyone who walks by. There’s one raised bed in the yard and I’d love to add another for gardening this year, but time and $$ are short so it may just be pots on the porch this year, flowers and herbs only until I can get some space set up for veggies.

Work is crazy this time of year, and I better get back to it, so I’ll sign off for now…

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