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As I Write, You Disappear

Last week, Kimberly Harding posted some words of wisdom about the healing powers of writing and other art and this poem that sums up exactly why I write this blog. She has graciously allowed me to quote her here:

As I Write…

As I write, you disappear.

Your silly whims and,
less than silly anger,
dissipate and
with my marks upon page.

What power have you?
You can not construct;
you only destruct.

While I, I in my
infinite wisdom,
take pen to paper

and absolve you
of everything –

including your hold upon me.

I do feel that he’s disappearing from my life, one word at a time. His hold over me has dissolved and I can breathe again. He continues to be civil, not calling me, not stopping by my work. He has sent a few e-mails asking questions about computer stuff, but that’s it. He tries to draw me in to what is happening in his life, but those notes go unanswered.

I choose what to respond to and I choose to treat him like an annoying co-worker, communicating only when necessary and only about those things that demonstrate my superior intelligence and experience. Petty, sure, but he never realized how much he relied upon me to keep his day-to-day life running smoothly and now that he’s noticing, well, I want him to squirm a little 🙂


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