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Playing with Fire

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Tunes on Friday, Political Edition

I’m left speechless by the state of politics in this country. We’re really gonna have to choose between an animated hair blob and a lying harpy for President? Sigh.

It’s all been said by people much more eloquent than I, so I’m just gonna post a couple of songs today.

First up, here’s an anthem for female Trump supporters –

And here are just a few reasons I won’t be voting for Hillary come November –


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Music on Friday

Here’s a little something by a new artist, Elle King, that I’m liking a lot:

I really like this new crop of sassy young women!


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Music on Friday

Happy Friday! This week has been about twelve days too long. Time to explore the idea of tunes on Friday again.

When I worked in Portland, this song would play on the radio every Friday morning just before 0800 on my drive in to the office and became a Friday Anthem of sorts –

It still makes me smile and remember those days…

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International Women’s Day?

Oh, whatever! It’s not like any of us get the day off, so why bother? Between the absurd election coverage (did Trump really tell the world he has a big dick?) celebrity gossip, every day being some sort of “international” holiday and endless “would you live here with no internet access for a month if you got $100,000 at the end?”-type memes, I’m about ready to unplug completely before I lose my mind. Where is the actual substance on this here interwebz? I’m not talking about my usual blogging buddies and the new ones I’ve found recently, but Everything Else. Sigh.

The Spring Fever is especially virulent this year and I’m wound up and ready to slay dragons.

A friend is going through hell with her narc husband. She made plans to leave with her three children but he found out and she was sucked back in. I’ve been staying out of it because I see Captain Bligh in her husband and know I can’t be objective with my advice. I feel her pain but it’s not my battle to fight. She dropped by the Art Guild Shop while I was working my shift the other day and I told her to give me a call when she’s ready and I’ll come on over with a flame thrower and burn her bridges so she can never go back. I might have gotten a bit ranty, blowing her defensive arguments about why she “has” to stay all to pieces. I can’t help myself. I’ve seen behind his mask and I want to destroy him. Sadly, I know how it will end, and I told her so. She didn’t believe me. We’ll see who’s proven right.

Anyway. Just gonna put this here –

Don’t ever count on me keeping my mouth shut or doing what’s “expected” of me. Those days are over forever.


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Tunes on Friday

Feelin’ kinda like this today –

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Shakin’ off the Music on Fridays

Slacking off At work this morning I heard that damn Swift song again and, as you do, headed over to YouTube to get it out of my brain. What I found was this –

You’re welcome.


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