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Over the past several months my readers have nominated me for numerous awards. being somewhat distracted by other things, I have not responded with much more than a Thank You, that was heartfelt, if a bit terse. At last I have a bit of time (and a free wireless connection courtesy of M) and so I will do the right thing (sort of) and follow the award instructions. Sort of.

I won’t paste up the logos (working on a netbook with no mouse and it’s just too irritating to bother and y’all know what they look like anyway) or nominate anyone else (because really, these things have gone around so many times that you are all multiple “winners” anyway) but I will link back to those who nominated me and answer their questions.

In (I think) chronological order:

Paula and the Addictive Blog Award. The only requirement (that I’m doing because I am a slacker) is to write why you blog.

Paula was the first person in the DV community who found this blog and offered me validation for my feelings. At that point I was writing as a way to keep my head straight, to keep a record of all the bullshit so that I could look back on it and say, “Yes! That really happened! I am not going crazy!” Because of her blog I found many other resources on the ‘net and came to a quicker understanding of what I was dealing with than I might have had she not found me. Thank you, Paula!

LookingForward2012 and the One Lovely Blog Award.  Share seven things about yourself.

1. I’m an Aries. Surprise, right? Aries are supposed to be ready and able to take on a battle, to take no shit from others, etc. Goes to show how much stock you should put into horoscopes 🙂

2. I owned a horse (several over the years) for 20 years and miss riding a lot. I always thought my life would have something to do with horses or farm life, but it hasn’t worked out that way.

3. I can use a Skil saw. I always thought I could, but hadn’t actually made the attempt until today. I rock a Skil saw!

4. I suffer from hay fever in the Summer, but not here on the Coast. Probably because it’s too fucking cold for pollen-producing flowers to bloom.

5. My career training is for Computer Aided Drafting in the architectural, structural and civil engineering fields. I can transform a sketch made on a napkin over lunch into a set of plans for just about anything.

6. I work part-time in an ice cream/chocolate shop. I love my job!

7. I can transform freshly shorn sheep’s wool into a sweater.

From Melanie at Deliberate Donkey comes the Illuminating Blogger Award. Only one fact to share with this one – my sister’s name is Melanie and I always think of her when Melanie of DD comments on my blog or I see her name on another blog. It’s a Good Thing 🙂

From Alice and Just Me With… comes the Leibster Award. List eleven things about yourself.

1. I like to cook and I am pretty good at it.

2. I make an awesome chicken and garlic pizza. From scratch. Yeah, I rock!

3. I like to bake my own bread.

4. I’m fairly Granola with my life choices, current junk food binge notwithstanding.

5. I read a lot of books. A lot. Like, I always have a book with me even if I’m just running to the grocery store because you never know when something will happen and you’ll be glad you have something entertaining to do.

6. I have a Kindle which I LOVE! I love being able to carry 600 books around with me at all times in a tidy little package.

7. I doubt I will ever go back to “real” books again in a monogamous way.

From Goddess Unleashed, who is dealing with her own Narc, comes another Addictive Blog Award and an Inspiring Blog Award. Six more things about me that you don’t yet know.

1. I have two tattoos.

2. Neither tattoo is on my ass or anything else that I would be embarrassed to show in public.

3. My left ear is pierced six times.

4. My right ear has only one artificial hole. What can I say? It was the eighties.

5. I have never snorted anything up my nose because, eeewwwwww! What a dumbass thing to do.

6. I Googled ex#1 the other day and found two mug shots. Yep, still a loser after all these years.

Another Inspiring Blog Award from Knocked Over By A Feather. Seven more things.

1. My son has not seen his father since he was a toddler – see #6 above.

2. I have been the caretaker of three dogs so far.

3. I’ve been owned by seven cats and am hopeful the next one will come waltzing into my life soon.

4. I sometimes watch Dance Moms. Those poor kids!

5. I avoid all other “reality” shows.

6. I write a total of seven blogs, five of which I have not made public here. Yet.

7. The stench of carnations and lilacs at the table where I sit at this moment is becoming overwhelming. They will go in the trash on my way home tomorrow.

And last, but only because it’s the newest, is another Leibster award from Sunny Days in DC who agrees that I have the coolest son on the planet. She says, “Read the trials and tribulations of a woman who gets married, has a family, realizes her partner is abusive, leaves said partner, has at least one awesome son who gets dressed up in a dress to make people laugh, and drinks lots of tea. The mom, not the son. Though, maybe he does, too? I’m not sure. Maybe if enough people follow her, she can take pix of her son drinking tea, if you’re into that.”

To clarify, I have one son, aged 23, the product of my first marriage, who does indeed drink lots of tea, although he is more into the green kind. Leaf, of course, brewed in a Japanese tea pot, just like his Mama taught him. He’s vegan and a chef in a Japanese restaurant, which he loves even though he has to cook animal flesh. He hopes to attend cooking school next year and is (pretty much) always willing to indulge his mother’s whims. I sent him a text this afternoon:

Me: I need a pic of you drinking tea. Long story.

Him: Uh…That’s odd. But Okay.

Me: Making you famous on the internet 😉

I’ll post the pic if he remembers to take one before I head to his city to take Awana to the airport. If not, I will stake out his workplace or apartment and force him to pose for my loyal readers. Hilarity will likely ensue.

Sunny’s questions:

1. What made you start blogging?: My first blog came about as a way to chronicle my adventures with wool. I was inspired to write because of blogs like I knew I would never be as funny as she is, but I wanted to give it a try. Now I blog to keep sane and educate others about Narcissists.

2. You have one month, unlimited funds, and zero repercussions; what do you do?: Travel to Ireland to do a bit of site seeing of my homeland and attend a fiddle camp.

3. What is your Spirit Animal? (Hint: does not have to be a REAL animal. Second Hint: Cannot be me): Cat. Big cat, little cat, doesn’t matter, they all speak to me.

4. Remember that one thing you did that you hoped nobody would ever find out about? Go ahead and tell that story now, mkay?: Ex#1 convinced me to shoplift a pair of leggings from a Mervyn’s many years ago. He went into the dressing room with me and insisted that I put them on under my jeans and walk out of the store. I nearly died of shame, but I wore them for years. I have never stolen anything else, though, so Hi, Mom! Nothing to see here!

5. If you could have dinner with any 3 people, living or dead, who would you choose?: My maternal Grandma because I hear she had a bit of a wild youth that I never knew about until 20 years after her death; my paternal Grandma for the same reason; and Elizabeth Zimmermann to see if she is as wonderful in Real Life as she comes across in her books and remembrances by those who knew her.

6. When was the last time you tried something new, and what did you do?: Today – I successfully used a Skil saw.

7. What is your favorite film of all time?: I could watch The Red Violin over and over. The soundtrack is great, too.

8. Favorite book(s) of all time?: The Red Tent, The Other Boleyn Girl (I know! not historically very accurate, but the story is still great,) Why Does He Do That? because I am learning so much about Narc psychology and the more I learn, the more freaked out I become and Wool because, rather like The Lottery by Shirley Jackson, the ending was unexpected and made me want to read the rest of the series, which I haven’t done yet…

9. If you could go 10 years into the past and tell yourself one thing, what would it be?: “Get the fuck away from that guy!”

10. I’m thinking of taking a vacation; where should I go?: Somewhere warm and sunny.

11. Best reason you called in sick to work, when you weren’t actually sick at all?: I don’t call in sick unless I really am. Just can’t lie to people who give me money 🙂

Okay, that should have gotten us all caught up! If you gave me an award and I forgot you, well, I’ve been busy and I apologize.


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