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Day 13

I forget how many days Oregon has been under a Stay Home order, but this is Day 13 for me. Day 17 for my son who was laid off from his restaurant job. He’s a bit cranky right now.

Back when this first started, it was sunny and 60* so I sent him outside to start Spring work on the yard. No idea why more people aren’t outside taking advantage of this down time, but MY yard will be spectacular when the weather dries up For Real.

Went to the local County Nursery Saturday (the two workers there were gloved and masked, but we didn’t come within 6 feet of each other – weird!) to get some compost, which is still sitting in my van (have I told you about the van? #vanlife – coming soon) until this latest round of rain passes us by. I did manage to clean out the raised beds, groomed the plants and planted salad greens, spinach and radishes because those will come up at the right time and won’t be damaged by a little cold & wet. The rest will have to wait for the weather to turn again.

I’m very thankful to have a job I can do at home, but it’s frustrating, too – I log in to my work computer from my home computer and control that machine from here. There’s a lag. A really irritating lag. My job requires mouse precision and this ain’t it. I spend a lot of time trying to aim the mouse to compensate for the lag and it makes me want to scream! No, there are no other options at this time. I must learn to embrace the lag. Accept the lag. Become one with the lag. I’m gonna be so screwed when I finally get back to the office. Sigh.

Meanwhile, I’m not doing housework. Well, the bare minimum. Turns out if I have al the time in the world, the very last thing I feel compelled to do it clean house. Who knew?

BUT, I have been cooking a bit and organizing the kitchen cupboards for the second time in 3 months (did I tell you about the mouse?) and have a long list of dishes I want to cook.

Sabu is losing her mind – she goes to work with me, so spending this much time at home is wearing on her good mood and she has become Velcro Dog, just hoping we’ll go out and get in the van. We’ve started walking around the neighborhood just to get out, so hopefully that helps her mood. It would sure help mine if I liked walking in the rain.

Nothing interesting to report, just trying to get back into the swing of writing here, so likely the next few posts will be Catch-Up essays for whatever civilization digs us up after the current crisis runs its course.

I just CAN’T with the politics right now. I am incandescent with rage and unable to play nice, so I will refrain as much as I can.

Wash your hands! Be safe out there!


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