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That was unpleasant.

Back in February, one of my co-workers went on a vacation. To a wedding. In Thailand. Yeah. You can see where this is going, right?

Yup, he came back to work on the 19th (I think) and had a sniffle. He swore he was fine. There was talk about this new virus, but in that small town no one was really concerned. Yet.

The next Tuesday I woke up from my before bed nap with the shivers. It went on for 3 solid hours. I could not get warm, even under my electric blanket. It finally stopped, but the next day I felt like I’d been worked over by a jackhammer. Turns out the chills will give you a full-body workout! Even my eyebrows hurt 😦

Needless to say, I stayed home from work Wednesday. Called in again on Thursday and the office was deserted. Same for Friday. Went back in on Monday (March 2) and everyone in the office was sick. A couple were out, but the rest of us tried our best to get the job done while feeling like crap on toast.

As more symptoms have been talked about, I realize we all had COVID-19, but of course there were no tests at that time and it never occurred to us it might be more than a usual flu. I stayed away from my son and did the best I could as far as sanitation went, and hoped it would be over quick.

Three weeks later I was starting to feel almost okay, just in time to be told to work from home for the foreseeable future. Sigh.

The worst symptom for me was losing my sense of taste. Not that I was hungry, but even my tea, which I drink all day long, every day, tasted like ass. It was demoralizing, let me tell you. I was drinking all the water I could force down, knowing that’s the best cure for whatever ails you. Lost 14 pounds! Of course, now I’m on lock down and baking & eating bread is all I want to do 🙂

BUT, as an introvert, this is my jam. Stay inside and away from people? You betcha! Sign me up! I have my work (and I’m grateful for it!) and so many projects I’ll never finish, no matter what, one crazy dog, 2.5 irritated cats (they really like their Nap Time and two people and That Fucking Dog are really irritating if their cranky faces are to be believed) and one cranky laid-off son to keep me busy.

On the other hand, we got started on the yard work and my yard is gonna look awesome this year! Today it’s raining, but the compost is in the van, waiting for the right moment to be spread and planted.

Stay home, please. Wash your hands. Remember the person who dies might be someone you love and YOU could have given it to them by not practicing social distancing.

My plague-carrying co-worker is fond of saying, “It didn’t kill you, did it? What’s the problem?” Yeah, Bobby, people like YOU are the problem.


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