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Has it really been six years?

Actually, it’s been six years and two three days, but I awoke with a tweaked neck on Sunday and could not sit at a keyboard because, evidently, after nearly 50 years on this earth, I haven’t learned to sleep right. Yet. I’ve been practicing, though, and hope to be a Sleep Master within the next decade.

I know it’s been traditional for me to post a re-cap here on the anniversary of leaving an abusive narcissist, but I just can’t be arsed right now. Blame my succumbing to not one, but two knock-you-flat colds so far this year. Blame the government shutdown. Or incels. Or the current culture of hatred in my country. I don’t even know where to start, and there are many, many bloggers who are saying what I would say if only I had the lovely words instead of this red mist of rage clouding my eyes.

Remember when I posted several times a week? Yeah, me, too. Those were the Good Ol’ Days, amiright? The days of ranting against the latest indignity heaped upon me by Captain Bligh, or trying to figure out just how in the hell I’d allowed my life to be blown up by someone who did not care one whit about my well being are long gone in the face of the cruelties and insanity being heaped upon all of us by a traitorous administration bent on sending us straight into the Handmaid’s Tale. My little life pales in comparison and I’ve not been able to muster the enthusiasm to scream into the void because it all seems rather pointless, doesn’t it?

So, let’s take this blog in another direction, shall we? Oh, I’ll still be posting through the lens of having survived a vile narcissist, and my leanings (obviously) are still feminist, leftist, #metoo and equality for all, and that’s not likely to change, we’re just gonna open things up a bit and post about “ordinary” things. Like a fireside chat, right?

As always, please post any questions you have in the comments section 🙂

Here’s a song I enjoy:


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