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Good news and stuff we already know

The good news is that the asshole who owned the trailer park died on Sunday. I’ve written about him here before. I know we’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead, but I will shout from the rooftops that man was an asshole of the largest and most vile variety and I hope he roasts in hell for all eternity. Now to get the “management team” out of there. Alice’s kids are in the picture now and hopefully Something Will Be Done. I have made myself available if anyone wants to hear some of the shit that went down before I left the trailer park.

And here’s something we already know but bears repeating until people wise up and rise up and put a stop to it –

From Shakesville:

America Hates Honest Women

I read something recently that has stayed with me: Half of all people are below average. Let that sink in. I’m not talking about money, or fame, or good looks here, I’m talking about intelligence and the desire to learn more, to be better people, to improve the lives of everyone around them, thereby lifting up ALL of society.

I see it every day and it continues to infuriate me.

Will I see a change in my lifetime, or will lord dampnut and his minions succeed in turning back the clocks on equal rights for everyone, including women and people of color?

I fully expect to be burned at the stake for some petty “crime” against men, figuratively speaking, although I can’t rule out actual flames if things continue to go as they are.

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