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What the actual f*ck?

I try to stay off Facebook as much as possible these days. I don’t watch a lot of news on TV. I try not to read the newspaper in the break room at work. I listen to a radio channel that doesn’t have regular news reports.

I do all this in an effort to manage my anger.

While it’s true I’ve spent the past 8 or so years in a near-constant state of irritation, the latter half of 2016 and all of 2017 have my mad-meter pegged pretty much every waking moment.

I mean, when

Kneeling Black Athlete = OMG! He’s disrespecting the flag and the troops! and is vilified by POTUS


Rich White Pedophile = the next senator from Alabama and publicly endorsed by POTUS

the world has obviously gone batshit insane, right? Right?

I just can’t even. Each new horror, each new unhinged tweet, every word out of that stupid Huckabee woman’s mouth, every childish temper tantrum, every safety net taken away from the most vulnerable, every water source polluted, every ally turned against us, every shady bill passed in the dead of night, every executive order, proudly displayed like children’s refrigerator art, every goddamned #metoo that’s met with shock and surprise by pretty much every man alive, it all makes me so angry and sad and frustrated.

There are so many others writing so many words that I just can’t choke out in coherent order, so I’ve been silent here. There’s nothing more I can do but watch the world burn as the Rich White Dudes scramble to scoop up all the money they can before the peasants finally get a clue and start setting things on fire.

Meanwhile, as if this fucking “happy” season wasn’t already tacky enough, there’s this:


Not even gonna add a link because WTF? Evidently this is all over Instagram. Who thought this was a good idea?

Going back to my cave now…

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