The Mirror – Let’s face it

04 Mar

This. So very much this. This re-blog marks 500 posts here. Who woulda thought I had so much to say? Shut up, Mom 🙂

Red Light Runners

It’s no longer just weeks or months that this unsavoury alliance with The Wonderful You and Mr Incredible has been going on. It is now entering into years.

Living on the edge has been exciting and challenging for a little while, now it’s become a daily reality. Staying one step ahead of the game, playing detective, proving yourself, watching your own back (and front), being lied about, being lied to, being falsely accused, overlooking wrongs yet being blamed for everything, working really hard to please yet getting nowhere and never quite knowing where you stand in this game takes way more effort and energy than you originally calculated.
And the reason you miscalculated in the first place is because you had no living idea that you would ever actually be doing all these things to survive. You’re not even aware that you are doing them, you are too focused on…

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