Domestic violence DE-CODED: 5 lies that perpetrators tell

06 Jul
Domestic violence DE-CODED: 5 lies that perpetrators tell

Number 4 is the one used against me the most, but I experienced all of these lies. Over and over again.

Avalanche of the soul

Discover what perpetrators of domestic violence or abuse really mean in this breakdown of the TOP FIVE lies they tell.

1. The lie: “I love you”

The truth: I love what you do for me. I love how powerful I feel when I hurt you. I love that I never have to accept responsibility for my horrific behaviour. I love that despite this, you believe I love you. I feel only contempt for you, but saying ‘I love you’ enables me to maintain control over you.

2. The lie: “I only hurt you because I drink too much / had a terrible childhood / have trust issues”

The truth: I deliberately get tanked up on drink / drugs before I abuse you, because it is a great excuse. In fact, there is no end to the excuses I’ll invent because shifting the blame for my abusive behaviour is…

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One response to “Domestic violence DE-CODED: 5 lies that perpetrators tell

  1. Awana

    July 6, 2015 at 11:19 am

    I think it is even harder when it is not verbal; you are constantly wondering what is going on because you never hear it! this can happen in families and from people who don’t use drink and drugs..just silence. Or…a husband who’s job doesn’t afford them the luxury of drinking and drugging…they have to use a more subtle approach…and to me, it is even worse. Educated, good women with less-educated, calculating husbands (especially military) have to put up with this, because it takes so long to figure it out. If we were all extremely verbal rednecks, I think this would be less of a problem. Or, if we told our girls up front..but, then you risk teaching them things you really don’t want them to know at a young age. BUT….we can’t sit around waiting and hoping it will all come out OK. It is a brutal world in the USA for women and girls…what do we do?


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