The Confusion of Spotting a Narcissist

20 May

“Apologies are seldom, if ever given unless requested. Since they do not recognize that they are at fault, they do not spontaneously apologize, or the apology still blames you, “I’m sorry you got hurt”, for instance instead of, “I’m sorry I hurt you.”
The narc upbraided me for asking him to apologize for something early in the relationship. I learned that he was never to blame and I was undeserving of apologies, no matter what. If he did mouth the words, it was with shifting eyes, curled lip and a quick change of subject to something he could batter me with to re-gain the upper hand. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing!

Wendy Powell's Life Coaching

IMG_0583 “I’m sorry I was late, I was waiting for you to call. You said that you would call me when you wanted to be picked up.” This sentence sounds plausible, and to a normal person that might not be 100% sure that they are right all of the time; it would work as an explanation for lateness. Liars, by their very nature lie. Instead of saying the truth, which might be as simple and telling as, “I didn’t feel like going to get you at the time we agreed” this lie pops up with no effort.

Most of the behaviour of a narcissist is less than honest, not just the words that they speak. Narcissists have learned how to behave properly by paying attention to what society expects. They know to bring you gifts, when appropriate, for instance. They can devise ways of making themselves look considerate and caring and…

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