Leaving the sociopath before the discard

14 Apr

Paula hits the nail on the head again! Since I moved away from the narc, I haven’t had to defend myself against a smear campaign, but I also haven’t heard from any of “our” friends, either. Whatever. He can have any “friends” who believe his string of lies and I will continue to live my fabulous life!



Choosing to leave the sociopath before the sociopath is ready to discard you may cause increased cognitive dissonance if you don’t know what to expect.

In the beginning, the sociopath exhausts you of all your novelty in the early love-bombing and idolization phase.

The sociopath is so interested in your interests and becomes so immersed in your life and daily routine that you become intoxicated by all of the attention.

You interpret this as a good thing. You interpret this as an AMAZING thing. The sociopath must love you so much to want to become your twin, huh?

The sociopath even seems to bond quickly and easily with your inner circle of friends and certain family members.

You’re in awe of how alike you are! Where has the sociopath been all of your life?

And that’s exactly the question you should be asking. Where HAS the sociopath been? Where are…

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One response to “Leaving the sociopath before the discard

  1. madnessandeuphoria

    April 28, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    I just got the child custody eval report back. My soon-to-be-ex is a sociopath. Or at least engages i “sociopathic behaviors.” Thank you for reposting this.


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