How to execute the perfect ‘hoover manoeuvre’

17 Feb
How to execute the perfect ‘hoover manoeuvre’

Here’s another illustration that refutes the narrative narcs and their ilk constantly spout about how “special” or “superior” they are – they all follow the very same playbook and my ex was no exception. You would think that such an exclusive club would at least have some variety in its membership!

Avalanche of the soul

Have you tried to leave your abuser, just to get sucked back in? Are you stunned by the military-like precision with which your abuser tries to get you back? Then check out this tongue-in-cheek exposé on why and how abusers hoover.

A Quick Guide to Hoovering for the determined domestic abuse perpetrator  – and those of us determined to make that permanent break from our abuser.

I’m an abuser. Why do I need to hoover?

Yes, ordinarily you have a woman to do the vacuuming. But if you wish to keep her at the kitchen sink, you’ll need some ‘hoovering‘ skills of your own. These are a set of tactics designed to suck a target back into an abusive relationship.Finely-honed hoovering skills will be enormously useful when your partner makes a bid to shake you off – or, unbelievably, actually leaves you.

To successfully hoover, you need to leave…

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