Music on Friday

22 Nov

Jennifer Nettles and “That Girl” –

I love Jennifer Nettles when she sings with Sugarland and some of her earlier stuff is great. I’m happy that she’s doing some solo work again because she has a voice that I could listen to all day.

This one could be the anthem for more than one of us here –

Here’s another great song with Sugarland –

All is well here. We’re having a cold snap and that makes me especially cranky. The water hose froze solid Wednesday night. Oh, Awana called me and warned me to keep a tap running all night, but I forgot. Damn! Took time off work Thursday to drive around town in search of heat tape, ran back to Towanda and installed it. By Thursday evening it was thawed and everything is running as designed.

Left the kitchen tap on at a dribble last night and Revy had a great time playing in the water all.night.long. I couldn’t bear to lock him up, he was having so much fun.

It was 28* when I left for work (hate, hate, hate to have to scrape my car windows!) and when I arrived at work there was a note from The Boss. Seems he wanted me to walk a job that I’d thought finished today. Two miles of street. Make note of all the curbs and stuff to be sure it was correct. Grrrr. I was not dressed for the weather, but off I went to freeze my ass off. The sun was shining, though, and Sabu was over the moon with happiness at walking in the crisp air in a new neighborhood. This cold weather brings out the puppy in her. If only she were a Good Dog that I could let off the leash so she could run some of her energy off in the morning…

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