The Sociopath Cocktail: Entitlement with a Splash of Delusion

07 Nov

Entitlement. It’s the glue that holds the Narcissist’s world together. It all comes down to this – they feel entitled to treat you however they want to. You will be punished for disagreeing with whatever fresh hell they choose to inflict upon you and you will be worn down so far that fighting takes too much energy. You will give up. You will make excuses. You will lose your Self.

Learn to recognize the signs of manipulation by a Sociopath and his near and dear cousins and purge them from your life ASAP!

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gatsbyEntitlement is dangerous. Entitlement mixed with delusion is lethal. Sociopaths are lethal.

Entitlement is when a person believes he has the right to own or possess any “thing” or any “person” he desires. An entitled person believes his mere existence qualifies him as unique, special and somehow more deserving than others and above all laws and moral codes.

Sociopaths believe they are entitled.

Entitled sociopaths do not work or strive for what they have. They simply take it.

But the sociopath will argue that he does deserve what he has and what he takes. The sociopath will argue that he earned everything. He will argue that he worked long and hard to get what he has.

And the entitled sociopath is often very convincing in his arguments. Entitled sociopaths are good at justifying their con games. Entitled sociopaths believe that the art of arguing and conning people is synonymous with…

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