28 Dec

I cooked a pork roast for dinner last night. It was fabulous. As we were sitting at the table, M started talking about money and what the roast cost. I told him and then I said that it should last for a few days, we really don’t have the money to eat like that every day.

“Says the girl who doesn’t pay rent!” Instantly the bite I had in my mouth turned to concrete, but I said nothing.

He then went on to complain how he is unhappy that he’s not getting paid for hanging out with the local Boat Guy (who is sounding more and more like the pitiful men who are getting older, are single and living on their boats with no company and no prospects – very much like M will be soon) making fabulous suggestions and guiding him to make wise decisions about what to do with his boat. He feels that he should be getting a consultation fee.

“I feel seriously under compensated!” he declared.

He obviously read something in my expression (fire? daggers? loathing?) that prompted him to say, “not by you of course…” I had spent the day sewing for him in the hope that he will leave soon and take his cushions with him.

He changed the subject to the trials and tribulations of ordering me a new pair of Carharts from the local feed store and how they will be delivered in 10 days. This was prompted by my gifts to him – as he was perusing the clothes I bought for him for Christmas I could see the dollar signs ringing up behind his eyes. Yep. I spent more on him, making sure the clothes were exactly what he had asked for, the right size, the right color, the right brand and materials and he realized that I had out done him and he didn’t like it one bit.

He orders me an expensive pair of pants, and then complains about our lack money and how he feels “under compensated.” If he had a clue what my bank balance was he would shit a brick 🙂

Just marking time now, it will all be over soon.


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