Another Normal Outing

28 Oct

Yesterday M and I went on our annual Boating Event. It was pouring down rain (note to self: get some new rain gear so you stay dry in future) but not too cold or windy. There were about 10 others there, so it’s not like we were doing a “couples” thing. It went fine. No harsh words. No “corrections” about anything.

We ate at the burger place, chatting with the others. It was all quite normal, viewed from the outside. I left before he did (we took separate vehicles to deal with the boat) and headed home to see if I could get lucky with his passwords. No dice, but I did get an hour to myself to unwind.

It couldn’t just be a nice day, though. M behaved like a spoiled child after he got home, wanting pictures and video of the day so he could blog and getting frustrated with the software and blah, blah, blah. What he really wanted was for me to stand over his shoulder and walk him through some stuff because his eyes were sore and he “could hardly read the screen.” He got short with me and my “distractions” (playing a YouTube video) and had to toss around some harsh words, but I ignored him and walked away each time he started in on me.

His eyes being tired didn’t stop him from typing madly for half an hour after I went to bed. Asshole.

Any advice about a key logging program? Still haven’t cracked his passwords. I wouldn’t care except that I don’t want him making plans to kick me out before I’m ready to go…

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Posted by on October 28, 2012 in Deceptions, Emotional Abuse



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