This Weekend

27 Sep

M and I are going away this weekend. We will be in an uncomfortable truck for 16 hours round trip. There will be ample opportunity for all kinds of shit, and in a way I am looking forward to it.

I know – y’all think I’m crazy!

He was willing to cancel the trip after last weekend, but I said that I want to go, and here’s why – we will be meeting with a group of people who M really likes. They seem to like him as well. This is a very educated group, very liberal and open-minded, many of them in long, dedicated relationships. I doubt very much that they would still respect M if they knew how he treats me.

We will be spending two nights with a very nice couple who like to talk. They talk a lot, about many, many subjects. This is the weekend that I open my mouth and share my opinions. This is the weekend that M gets the Real Me, uncensored, in public, all bets off.

He has forgotten what an acid tongue I can have. He has forgotten that I have independent thoughts and know how to communicate them. He has forgotten that people like me and enjoy talking with me. He has forgotten that I am not his shadow, his slave, his plaything to abuse how he sees fit, but a whole other person with thoughts, dreams and desires.

He has forgotten. I have remembered, and I feel like sharing…

No worries – I have enough cash to get myself out of any trouble he thinks he can put me in. I do not fear for my physical safety – just let him try to get physical with me! If anything that happens this weekend leads to a Final Break in our relationship, so much the better.


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4 responses to “This Weekend

  1. Paula

    September 27, 2012 at 1:29 pm

  2. Awana

    September 27, 2012 at 1:51 pm

    Just be careful–men don’t like to “lose face” and the consequences can be wildly different from anything you may have seen before. Just acting like a normal, maure, efficient, busy, smart woman with friends will be enough for some. They then look at you like you are “old”, “like your mother”, “replaceable”, “TOO smart” (my personal favorite; complete with stamping of the foot), or certainly not loyal. Really, they become the child you have to get onto for bad bbehavior. So boring. It sounds like you wnat to progress, and he wants to stay stuck. Typical. what a waste of life.

    • iwonttakeit

      September 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm

      Why should he change? He’s perfect just the way he is, as he keeps telling me over and over! The difference between him and an unruly child is that I have no obligation to stay and see how he turns out 🙂


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