He’s Back

16 Jul

M called late Sunday evening, telling me about another lead for a truck repair place that he was going to visit this morning.* Told me that he would take the 4:30 appointment today if the new lead didn’t pan out and not to expect him home until Tuesday at the earliest. He also explained that he was “punishing” me by calling at midnight the other night because I had not called to confirm that I’d killed his dog and he thought that was inconsiderate and wanted to pay me back in kind. Asshole. Like I would feel like recounting the incident for him while it was still fresh in my mind.

Anyway. I was not expecting him, but had a feeling that he would try to “surprise” me and “catch” me doing something he disapproves of, so the house was clean, laundry done, etc. I did not mow the lawn** but everything else was as tidy as I cared to make it.

Today is my only day off work, the last day off for the next four weeks, so I decided that an afternoon nap was in order and lay on the bed about 3:30. At 4:15 M walked into the house. I hadn’t heard the truck pull up (I’m tired – no surprise) and was immediately chastised for that. I had not gone to the grocery store but had wisely stocked enough food for one meal, knowing that this could happen. I was not bright-eyed, eager to greet the conquering hero returning from his perilous mission and that clearly put his nose out of joint. I do not care.

So why, in the eight hours it took him to drive home, did he not call and let me know he was coming? He had to have left by 8:00 AM or earlier to make it by 4:00 and he didn’t bother to call me? Evidently the truck magically repaired itself and he just “hit the road” before it magically broke again and he felt no need to inform me of his changed plans.

Since his arrival he has made numerous remarks about having to read my blogs to find out what’s going on in my life, about never knowing what I’m up to, etc. Why should I tell him anything? Our phone conversations were all about him and his adventures. He did ask after Old Dog, but never once asked how I was spending my time. Never once asked if I was having any trouble keeping up with things (to his standards) while working every day. Never once asked anything at all but if I missed him.

I did get in a couple of zingers about his yelling and how it needs to stop and how much I dislike his outbursts, and so far there have been none, but how long will that last?

* Doing a bit of backdating here because I have limited computer access for the rest of the month.

** After this same trip last year the first words out of his mouth when he walked through the door were, “I was really hoping you would have mowed the lawn…” Followed by stomping out and mowing the lawn very late in the evening and then complaining that I never do any chores around the house, blah, blah, blah. No, “Hi! How are you!” No, “Great to see you!” Nothing. Just crap about the grass being 4 inches tall.


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