12 Jul

M called just now. Finally told me exactly where he was. Got smart-assy on me right away. Pissed me off, I tell you what!

He complained that I haven’t been calling and leaving messages on his voice mail for him to find. Whatever. I’m done with that, mostly because it’s what he wants me to do and I’m tired of doing what he wants at the expense of what I want. I have gone on two trips without him and he did not call me once. No messages, no calls, nothing, so why should I call him?

He still won’t tell me exactly when he’s coming home. He’s within 3 hours of where he hauls out the boat, but made a bunch of excuses about how it can take all day to haul it out, sometimes he has to wait, blah, blah, blah. If it’s too late in the day to make the 8 hour drive home he’ll have to get a hotel or sleep in the truck, more blah, blah, blah. Says he might just take an extra day or two to get caught up on his sleep on the boat, can’t say for sure when he’ll be back, but he says he misses me, oh, yes, he does!

Whatever. The dog, cat, bunnies and I are doing just fine without him. No problems, no fires, floods, leaks, or other disasters. In fact, life is going along at a nice, steady hum, peaceful and quiet. Very nice. Scented candles in every room, dust bunnies all vacuumed up, no one screaming or having a tantrum, really nice times, actually.

I’ll miss these good times when he’s back. Asshole.

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One response to “Return?

  1. Awana

    July 13, 2012 at 4:21 am

    WEll, that’s more like it! Being with an SO in any capacity shouldn’t be doom and gloom–why are women not allowed to have fun? or be at peace? It is a shame that so much creative talent is wasted in this country.


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