Share Your World – Weeks 32, 33 and 34

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks Summer here and it doesn’t look like it will be slowing down any time soon. Today is slow at work I’m totally slacking off at work, so let’s get caught up with Cee and her Share Your World challenge.

Week 32 -

Do you prefer ketchup or mustard?

Ketchup all the way. You can have all the mustard because it’s gross. Except mustard seeds – they are great when toasted in mashed potatoes.

If someone made a movie of your life would it be a drama, a comedy, a romantic-comedy, action film, or science fiction?

Dramady – some things have been funny and others have been pure drama. I refuse to be defined :-)

If you could be given any gift what would it be?

The power of flight. That would be cool – I have places to go!

For potlucks or parties do you cook it yourself, buy from a grocery store, or pay for catering?

Cook it myself. Mostly. I don’t get out much…

Week 33 -

Do you believe in ghosts? 


Irregardless of your physical fitness, coordination or agility:  If you could play any sport professionally what would it be?  Or if you can’t picture yourself playing sports, what is your favorite sport?

Hahahahahahahahaha! Sports? Is Dressage a sport?

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

Short. Really Short. Short enough that lesbians hit on me. Sigh. Why should men get all the short hair ease of morning routines? It’s just not fair. Besides, my hair is not “good” hair and it makes me look old and sad when it’s long. Also, fuck all those guys who won’t date women who wear their hair to please themselves instead of giving in to pressure to fulfill a male fantasy.

If you were on an small island, who would you want to be with? And where is it?  How big is it?

I would be alone. Blissfully alone. Perhaps I would be a lighthouse keeper along some storm-tossed shore with a room full of books and a blazing fire. A boat would bring provisions every month or so.

Week 34 -

What is your favorite smell? What memory does it remind you of?

I love lavender, coconut and some musk scents. No particular memories, just feelings of contentment, peace and comfort.

Name a song or two which are included on the soundtrack to your life?

“So What” by Pink

“All About the Bass” by Meghan Trainor

“Alright” by Darius Rucker

Do you play video/computer game?  Which one(s) or most recent? 

Haven’t played in years, but I liked Quake once upon a time.

Which of Snow White’s 7 dwarfs describes you best?  Plus what would the 8th dwarf’s name be? (Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey)

Happy, no doubt. The eighth dwarf would be called Bob.

That’s all we have time for today, but expect an update post that may or may not make sense tomorrow. Or Thursday. Or sometime soon. Or not. It all depends…


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New Glasses

I’m getting old. There’s no denying it. When I came back to work at my current office I noticed that the new “normal” was to print the text itty, bitty, really, really small on the half-scale drawings. What ever happened to 1/10th of an inch? What ever happened to keeping it legible? Gaaaahhhhh!

Anyway. I couldn’t read the littlest text and it’s maddening. I found myself bringing the paper close to my face and looking under my glasses – a charming look I’m sure. Looking from under my glasses and then up to the computer screen has been an exercise in frustration for months and I finally did something about it.

New GlassesBecause my prescription is so high (-8 +) they had to send out for special lenses and it’s been two weeks of waiting. The sunglasses arrived last week and they’ve been great, but they’re too dark to wear in the office and I haven’t had a real feel for what these new progressive lenses are going to do for me.

I had bi-focals as a kid and I understand how they work. They aren’t as expensive as progressives and were my original plan. I’ve talked to a lot of people who have progressives and they all hated them, so I thought I’d go the bi-focal route. Until I sat down with the frame guy and he explained what progressives are and that it takes 30 days for your eyes to train themselves. Awana* piped up and said that she loves her progressives and I was sold. I’ve since talked to three other people who wear progressive lenses and they all love them, too, so I guess my opinion was outdated.

At this point everything is a little wonky, but I can see the itty bitty print AND the computer, without moving my head, so I think it will be a Good Thing.

* I’ve never had a Fashion Consultant help me pick frames before and this was a great experience! Awana knows what looks good and she has no trouble saying, “You can’t wear those!” likely saving me from a year’s worth of sighing every morning at my reflection in the mirror, wondering what the heck I was thinking. Many thanks, Awana!


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A most fitting Parody

Some time ago I thought I might start a regular Friday thing where I post videos of music I like, but I got busy and it never happened. Until now.

Remember when that thick dude made that disgusting blurry song and it was all over the place for awhile? I watched most of the video before shutting it off, my skin crawling. Take away the video and the words and it had a catchy tune, though, so there were some feelings of guilt in my black, cynical heart.

My joy knew no bounds when Weird Al’s new album and eight videos came out recently. One of my favorites is “Word Crimes.” Imagine! A catchy tune all about one of my pet peeves! If he’d also addressed typing in ALL CAPS it would have been perfect, but, alas, he didn’t consult me.

Have a listen -

Is that fantastic, or what? Check out Weird Al’s other videos for some very clever parodies and word games.


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Share Your World – Week 31

Must be Wednesday! Here’s the next installment of Cee’s Share Your World!

If you had your own talk show, who would your first three guests be? (guest can be dead, alive, famous or someone you just know)

 JA Konrath, Hugh Howey and Jason Gurley, all self-published authors who are turning the traditional publishing industry on its head. If there was room on the couch I’d also include Michael Bunker. Check out their books – they’re fantastic!

What can you always be found with?

A poop bag in my back pocket. Sabu goes pretty much everywhere with me and I like to be prepared.

What is the most fun thing you did in school?

Fun? I was a nerd, so every test I aced was fun, especially if it was difficult and others failed. The rest of the time spent imprisoned in the school system sucked so much that I’m still not quite over it.

What’s something you know you do differently than most people?

Most people don’t do many of the things I do – when I talk about spinning wool they look at me like I just sprouted another head – so I’d have to say, “pretty much everything.”

Yes, I’m weird. But, hey! We made it to Wednesday!



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I Really Need Your Help

Sofia Leo:

Help a sister out! Less than $4000 stands between Barbara and her Dream Job. Please contribute if you can.

Originally posted on The View from a Drawbridge:

Believe me, I hate to ask. I’d much rather help others than be helped myself. The fact is, I’m desperate.

I’ve been through a lot in the past 5 years. I’ve been swindled out of 3,500.00 (read more about that here), my car has been totaled, I lost my life savings (read more about that here), I incurred another useless degree and a student loan to go along with it (read more about that here), the love of my life died unexpectedly (read more about that here), and I was therefore kicked out of my apartment.

But I have this one chance to turn my life around. I got this phenomenal job offer, one that would change my life dramatically, but it’s on the other side of the continent. Relocating will cost me $10,000. I’m about $5,000 short, so a friend suggested I try crowdfunding. The…

View original 141 more words

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This is why I shouldn’t go outside…

I almost never post pictures of myself here. I’m usually behind the camera and there aren’t many photo taking opportunities, but Saturday found Awana and I at an outdoor Fiber Event. I thought the natural light would be great for taking pictures and Awana was willing to take some shots.

I wore my favorite yellow linen tunic – the one that makes me look thinner than I really am. I was very careful with breakfast so as not to slobber all over myself.

We arrived at the venue unsoiled. And then IT happened. We were putting up the pop-up for the first time and I managed to whack myself square in the mouth with the top of the upright while trying to make it “snap easily into place.”

Awana says I cried a little, but I have no memory of that part. I do remember feeling carefully with my tongue and being grateful I hadn’t broken a tooth. Fuck! My lips started swelling on the spot and I hoped that I wouldn’t end up looking like a loser in a boxing match.

20140802_102044Favorite shirt? Check. New prescription shades? Check. Big ol’ fat lip? Also check.

Sigh. The shades are cool, though, right?

20140802_102136Where did all those gray hairs come from? What about the “anti-glare coating” these glasses are supposed to have?


I did get hit on by a lesbian, so it must not have looked that bad…


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A Prompt

Things have been insanely busy around here for a few weeks. Saturday will be the culmination of Stage One of a new business venture/lifestyle change. Details about the weekend on Starting Over Designs, more details here as I figure out who I want to be when I grow up. IF I decide to grow up :-)

In the meantime, The Daily Post put up an excellent prompt today that I feel compelled to participate in after a very late night with Joel Salatin’s You Can Farm.

Handmade Tales

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What things do you still prefer in their traditional, handmade version?

So many things are so much better when done by hand that I don’t know quite where to start, so this list might get long.

I love to bake bread but haven’t yet tried to figure out the trailer oven for anything more complicated than quiche and now it’s way too hot to even consider! Baking bread or rolls using your own blend of flours for that perfect Toasting Texture is an art everyone should try to master. Home-made pizza with sauce and crust made from scratch is a detectible feast!

I saw a young couple at a craft show back in March who were selling custom moccasin shoes. Having a pair of shoes built just for me was an intriguing proposition and I had them make a duct tape cast of my foot for a future order, which I placed in May. The more I looked at their pictures and dreamed of my custom shoes, the more I became enamored of the idea of doing it myself. A bit of research led me to Bonney & Wills, the school where Dustin learned to make his mocs. If I can swing the funds, I want to take this class in the Fall when work slows down and I can take a week off from my current busy life.*

I much prefer spinning my own wool into yarn and knitting my creations to buying yarn, even locally sourced yarns – the satisfaction of taking a project from raw material to finished product is amazing! I understand that local farms need support, so I buy my raw materials from them and am planning a project that will support my local wool processing facility. You’re going to be hearing a lot more about these projects in the near future as I expose my Green Side…

I’m going to add transportation to the end of my list because walking or biking anywhere is preferable to driving during the heat of Summer. My little town is flat as a board and I don’t have AC in the car. I should be walking more, but the heat has been incredible, making sidewalk and pavement too hot for Sabu’s feet. Neither of us is as tough as we used to be :-)

Stay tuned for more Crazy Stuff that I’ll be making by hand with a little bit of help from my friends.

Check out the Daily Post for more great prompts!

* I took a pair of riding boots to the shoe repair guy a couple of weeks ago to get new heels put on – I hadn’t worn the boots much, and the foot was fine, but the heels were worn down to the wood, something that has never happened so fast for me in the past. While talking to the guy, he lamented the fact that shoe manufacturers are using crap for soles, whatever is cheapest, because people throw their shoes away instead of having them repaired. He brought a boot out from under the counter that had the sole falling apart and said that European shoes have a life expectancy of 5-7 years from the date of manufacture because they are using materials that biodegrade after that time to save room in their rapidly-filling landfill sites. These brands include two of my favorites, Clarks and Dansko. Grrr! I keep my shoes much longer than 5-7 years (it helps that I tend to favor Classic styles over the flavor-of-the-week in fashion) and that really pisses me off. I take my shoes to be repaired and now that I know I shouldn’t expect much life out of my second-hand, snazzy, European shoes, I feel cheated.


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